THE shape of a town evolves over time, just as Skipton has done over the past couple of hundred years.

Buildings were put up, then later demolished for new builds or car parks. Open spaces were ‘filled in’ with houses and mills were converted.

The Skipton Civic Society has now aired its latest vision to create a public area in car park.

One stumbling block may be that the car park is behind the former Rackhams which is currently owned by the Edinburgh Woollen Mill Group.

Another concern could be that many would say it was taking away valuable parking spaces for people visiting nearby shops. There is a large car park just a few strides away, but to consider taking these out may be a step too far for some people.

Putting those trip hazards to one side, though, the plans themselves are imaginative and would create an oasis of calm for visitors and Skipton folk alike to relax in, watch the wildlife it would attract and recharge their batteries for the next bout of shopping.

There are already planted areas around Rope Walk which are being lovingly tended to on a daily basis, but this vision would create a bigger area with seating and flower beds with greenery and colour to complement what is already there.

We await further developments to this latest vision for Skipton eagerly.