SKIPTON Building Society has been sponsoring the town’s first wellness week this week.

The event was to celebrate global wellness week and aiming to improve Skipton’s wellbeing through a number of activities and workshops organised by Skipton Business Social.

One session being delivered online by Mike Halmshaw, a financial advisor at the society’s Skipton branch includes tips and tricks on improving your financial wellbeing both now and for the future.

Skipton Business Social is a group of women entrepreneurs who came together before the pandemic to meet up and network. Rebecca Elsworth, Ebru Evrim, Ciara White and Sarah Collett have organised the event in partnership with Skipton BID.

Ciara said: “Skipton Business Social started as a way for local business owners to come together and network. With mental health being at the forefront of the pandemic we jumped to help create an event which brought people together again.”

Wellbeing week runs until June 12.

Anyone wanting to get involved and attend an event up until June 12 can visit, where you can view the full calendar of events.