ALMOST a quarter of employees in the UK admitted to not missing anything about the workplace, according to new research by national property specialist Matthews & Goodman.

The survey asked more than 800 people what they missed most about the workplace: 24 per cent responded with ‘nothing’ - the third most common response. What people missed most about the workplace was:

- Their friends and teammates at work (53 per cent)

- Small talk at the coffee machine or water cooler (27 per cent)

David Laws, Partner at Matthews & Goodman, said: “As restrictions continue to be lifted it’s surprising that some haven’t missed anything about being in the office, despite striving for a sense of normality following an unprecedented year.”

He added: “One explanation for this might be the change in our perception of work. We now no longer see work as a destination but an activity - one that can be done in an office, at home, on the move, in a coffee bar, anywhere. In essence, work is no longer somewhere you go, but something you do. What our survey reveals is that most people are now looking for a mixture of working from home and in an office.”

Most participants (43 per cent) would prefer a mixture of working at home and in the office, with 30 per cent preferring to work from home all the time and 26 per cent happy for a full return to their workplace.

One respondent said: “Working in the workplace is more efficient...spending less time on communication and having better executive face-time. Working from home is more suitable for family needs and flexible working hours”.