I write in support of Doug Clark's letter (Craven Herald, June 10: 'Cycling deserves better investment').

It is now being considered that bikes should have registration numbers.

Any form of machine should have a registration number to show it has a right to be on the road, which then means (its rider) has a liability to other road users and can be prosecuted if (they) act in a dangerous or irresponsible way.

Cycling has increased considerably in the last three years and will continue to do so, particularly with the increasing number of electric bikes (and now scooters).

Electric bikes have given more people the opportunity to cycle to improve their health, wellbeing and fitness, but some of these cyclists are not as adept in manoeuvrability as the cyclist that has pedalled many thousands of miles over the years.

This has now created even more importance in improving safety on roads for cyclists with cycle lanes and developing cycle-only areas.

Skipton/Craven does not appear to have improved cycle safety in its area. All entrances into Skipton are potentially dangerous on a bike and noticeably so on the roundabouts. Has an assessment been carried out of where safety improvements are needed? Signage, cycle protected areas?

I would recommend newer cyclists to go on Sustrans routes which avoid busy main roads. Several go through the Dales and there is the Yorkshire Dales Cycleway.

All bikes should be fitted with a bell which should be used when approaching, from behind, anybody walking or to alert somebody of your presence.

They are not used as much as they should be. Always have a real light fitted and some form of visible clothing. A rear view mirror is very useful on busy roads and junctions.

Cycling is good for your health and the environment.

David Goldie