A MAN who was ‘carted off’ from his sister’s wedding by police for being drunk and disorderly, tried to make amends by tidying up her garden while she was away on honeymoon.

Police were called to the Coniston Hotel, Coniston Cold, at just after midnight on May 31 following reports of trouble between Niall Foley, members of staff, and other guests, heard Skipton Magistrates Court.

When they arrived Foley, 30, was telling people to f*** off. He struggled with officers, and tried to kick them, the court was told today (Friday).

He also said he wanted to assault the police because he wanted to go to prison, the court heard.

Foley, who admitted being drunk and disorderly, was arrested and spent eight hours in custody at the police station.

What should have been a joyous day was one that ended up being 'tinged with embarrassment' because of his behaviour, the court was told.

“He let the brakes off and the alcohol took over," said Keith Blackwell in mitigation.

“He is full of remorse. The very last thing you want when you go to your sister's wedding is to be carted off by the police.”

Mr Blackwell said Foley, a window cleaner, had apologised to his sister and had carried out a lot of work in her garden while she was on honeymoon.

Magistrates told Foley, of York Grove, Batley, they hoped his behaviour had not ruined his sister’s wedding.

He was fined £146 and ordered to pay a surcharge of £34 and costs of £85.