DAVID Goldie raises an important point about the increasing numbers of electric bikes on the road which makes it even more important that roads have improved safety for cyclists such as signage, designated cycle lanes, reduced speed limits on country lanes and safer junctions, all of which are sadly lacking in the Craven area. (Cycling is good for the environment, Craven Herald letters, June 7).

Given the national and international focus on climate change and becoming carbon neutral we need to do everything we can to encourage people on to bikes, not just for recreation and fitness but also as a means of transport.

Many people live a short distance from their workplace but don’t cycle because of safety concerns and because of the perception of cyclists being regarded as an irritant by other road users.

It is not inevitable that we have such inadequate facilities for cyclists: decisions about roads are taken locally by the regional and district councils. Neither is it inevitable that other road users are intolerant of cyclists: if more motorists also cycled regularly they would be more sympathetic to their safety.

We have some of the best scenery in the country for cycling through but our infrastructure to support it is practically non existent.

Doug Clark