THERE was some good news on the corporate front this week with the announcement Skipton financial company Computershare was returning to town.

It’s only a matter of months since it announced it was quitting for pastures new - across the border into West Yorkshire - so it was a surprise to hear it was making a return.

The vacated Gateway House hasn’t been completely devoid of people.

We understand part of the site was still being used by Skipton Building Society, but the vast majority of it was left empty.

In recent months it has been used as a Covid vaccination centre and we are still waiting for details if and when this will be moved.

In fact details are still sketchy about when Computershare intends to return.

There is no doubt it is good news though many will say the premises is too far out of town for resident workers to add to the local economy. There is also the possibility that many of the original 484 staff (at the last count) could work from home some of the week. It is also a base for future jobs for local people which is always good news.

But the fact of the matter is it is a large company and may well encourage other firms to set up in the district. It all adds to the feel-good factor of a town which is what everyone wants.