A PODCAST about the history of Skipton is proving an unexpected hit….in Serbia!

Based on the book The History of Skipton, author Ian Lockwood, a former editor of the Craven Hearld, was amazed to find that Serbia was third in the list of countries where downloads have been recorded. The UK is naturally top of the list – but is closely followed by the USA. “I looked at the podcast analytics a while back and I was surprised to see the number of American listeners,” said Mr Lockwood. “More surprising still was a number of downloads in Serbia which put it just ahead of Canada. The numbers have grown slowly over the weeks. “I have absolutely no idea why Serbians are interested in Skipton and I can’t think there are too many expats there unlike the States.” There are 42 podcasts so far and Mr Lockwood expects he is about halfway through the series. Each podcast lasts about 30 minutes and takes in a different aspect of the town’s history. The most listened-to episode of all features Victorian murders. “TV programmes about murders, real or fiction, always do well so I’m not surprised about that,” he said. You can listen to the podcast on Spotify or by going to the website www.historyofskipton.co.uk