A NEW retail store has recently opened on the outskirts of our town, and we recently visited it to see what was on offer. In addition to an Iceland foods section, household goods, stationary, garden furniture and other products were on offer. We bought a parasol for our garden at a very attractive price. However, on looking more closely at the ranges of products, most of them were made in China. I believe that, if you removed all the products made in China, the shelves would be nearly empty.

I feel sorry for the shops in the town, having to put up with this unfair competition, and I hope people realise what a hold Xi Jinping has, not only on the Chinese people, but on our population as well through the Chinese infiltration into our every day lives.

I try to boycott Chinese products, but find it very difficult because it only becomes evident if you scrutinise the small print.

Richard Colley,