AWARD winning artist and member of Craven Arts charitable trust, Adele Froude is returning to Skipton next month with an exhibition of her paintings, textiles, and sculptures.

Called ‘Betwixt Here and Somewhere’, the exhibition will be at The Hub, in the former TSB Bank building in Caroline Square, and will run on market days from August 3 to August 28.

The exhibition explores the natural wonders of the rural landscapes and seascapes through a collection of intricate, textural textile sculptures, wall art and landscape paintings.

Adele, who lives in the Yorkshire Dales, says she finds endless artistic inspiration from the stunning countryside from the West to East Yorkshire.

“For this series of works, I focused my attention on how I emotionally connect with various landscapes, sea, and their natural inhabitants,” she says.

“The Covid pandemic has, maybe temporarily, increased people’s connection and awareness of the natural world and I have been very aware of how nature flourished as humankind withdrew.”

Adele is a firm believer in artworks being authentic of the artist and not just a ‘nice’ painting. She says she recognises how life’s events cause her and others to evolve and believes that for her art to remain authentically hers, it too must evolve. “This has led to a varied selection of artworks and experimentations that explore that connection and the necessity for it to resonate truly emotionally,” she says.

Adele, who is an award-winning textile artist, adds that she wanted her intricate and complex sculptures and impactful paintings to capture an emotional moment.

“As people across the globe become increasingly aware of how we have a responsibility to ensure it survives, I hope that by exploring individual emotional connections will encourage a continued respect for it and how we have previously taken it for granted.”

It is described as “a powerful and vibrant exhibition experience not to be missed.”

The exhibition will take place from August 3 to August 28, on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, from 11.30am to 3.30pm.

Adele is also available for studio visits and commissioned works, contact her by email at: