PLANS to build 13 affordable homes in Hellifield by Craven District Council have been strongly opposed by more than 40 residents and the parish council.

Cllr Chris Moorby, ward councillor for Hellifield and Long Preston, has also objected, and has called for the application to go before the council’s planning committee, instead of it being decided by officers.

Cllr Moorby has questioned the number of affordable homes being built in the village, on top of another, approved, scheme for 23, and the ability of Station Road being able to take more traffic. He has asked whether a housing survey should have taken place, and he also also wants the application to be decided by another body, and not the district council.

He writes: “I appreciate that Craven District Council, in the present economic conditions, have to try and make money that can be used for the good of our residents in using our land assets. It also makes sense to support people getting on the housing ladder in our area which has very high prices, making it difficult for the younger generation and those on smaller incomes but I feel that I have to object very strongly to this application.”

The application, which was submitted in March last year, and was only validated in April this year, proposes the use of a part brownfield site owned by the council off Station Road.

The 13 ‘entry level’ houses would be made up of two one bedroom, six two bedroom houses and five three bedroom, each with its own parking space.

In its submission to the planners, PB Planning, for the council, says the site is next to existing residential development, a railway line and recreational open space.

“The development proposals are situated in a suitable and highly sustainable location and there are no technical or environmental - built and natural - constraints that would preclude the development of the site.

’The development will generate a limited number of vehicle movements, particularly given that the site is located within walking and cycling distance to all of the services and facilities located within Hellifield, with the train station being located only a short walking distance to the north of the site.”

In its submission to the district Council, Hellifield Parish Council objected to the scheme on several grounds including the condition of Station Road and an increase in traffic on a road already hampered by parking on both sides.

An earlier application for the site was withdrawn in 2019.