AS Councillor Vince Smith of Embsay said in his letter (Craven Herald, July 15) the speed limit on the road between Skipton and Embsay is far too high.

The response on behalf of North Yorkshire County Council Highways was that average speed is 32mph so the speed limit can't be reduced from 60mph to 40mph.

That is strange reasoning, but the requirement quoted to me in the past was not average speed but lack of visible housing.

There wasn't any before the 'Pigfield' (Corner Fields) development but now there is from The Bailey junction to Cross Bank so lets have that stretch at least reduced to 40mph.

Many local drivers accept that 60mph is far too high and reduce speed, but a pedestrian about to cross does not know if a car is going to come along at 32mph or 60mph.

They have to cross because the footway runs out on one side, or else they need to get to and from the bus stop.

Councillor Claire Nash (Skipton Town Council)