WALL-to-wall sunshine has brought people outdoors, but many are craving slightly cooler conditions.

So how much longer is the heatwave going to last?

According to the Met Office for the Skipton area and surrounding district, the very high temperatures are going to last a further two days until Saturday when the mercury will drop slightly.

Tomorrow (Thursday), will see highs of around 28 degrees celsius with only a very light breeze from the east.

Friday will see a high of around 24 degrees with slightly more of a breeze and then on Saturday it is forecast to be 19 degrees and cloudy with a gentle breeze.

Sunday is expected to dawn with light rain showers with some sun in the afternoon and highs of 20 degrees.

Even though a bit of rain is forecast for the next week, temperatures will still reach around 18 or 19 degrees celsius and nighttime temperatures will not drop much below 11 celsius.

There is also a chance of thundery rain hitting parts of the UK tomorrow (Thursday) but it is not certain where these will occur.