THE number of people testing positive for Covid-19 in Craven is currently the second highest in North Yorkshire.

Latest figures show that Craven had 697 cases per 100,000 people, with only Ryedale higher with 300.

Across the whole county, the average number of Covid-19 cases in the week ending on Sunday, July 18 was 570 per 100,000 people - the highest seen in the county, a significant rise on the previous week and above the England average of 520.

North Yorkshire County Council described the figures as 'stark' and urged people to continue taking precautions including the wearing of face masks and regular cleaning of hands.

A spokesperson said: "In true Team North Yorkshire spirit, the message we hear time and again reflects our call for everyone to respect and protect themselves and others by continuing to wear face coverings where appropriate, understanding that some people still appreciate social distancing and sticking to regular hand sanitising and washing.

"Remember that this virus can affect all age groups and is felt across our communities."

As of July 18, there have been 39,553 positive tests in North Yorkshire since March 2020, with 3,241 new cases reported in the past week.

The weekly rolling average of new cases is 349 cases per day, allowing for incomplete data in the most recent days.

The seven-day rate for North Yorkshire is 569.9 cases per 100,000 people, higher than the England seven-day rate of 520.4.

The county council says work continues to ensure effective monitoring of all areas, with support for incidents being provided across a range of settings, which are reviewed daily.

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