I AM getting so so bored with the BBC announcing daily in every news bulletin the number of people who have died 28 days after testing positive for Covid, with all the deep sombre tones of "The old King's life is drawing to a close" of the deaths of Georges V and VI."

Nobody now cares. I'm not sure anyone ever did relish or want this figure, once very high , to be dinned into them several times daily as some perverse way of cheering us all up - "Don't worry, you're still here ". And they don't even use "only" as a means of getting us hopeful of a nearing end to the crisis. Death's an ear-catcher.

I'm certain that now many more people die of other causes daily than Covid but as ever once the Beeb gets in a groove it's like one of those old shellac 78 rpm records with a glitch in it which meant it just repeated a phrase of the Laughing Policeman or The Hallelujah Chorus ad infinitum.

Would the BBC be deluged with callers wanting to know today's Covid deaths were they to stop parping this increasingly unheard figure?

Can you tell me to within 50 either way how many died after 28 days yesterday? Of course not. The news that you can now go to a rave, or drink in your local, or that Costa Rica's now on the Green List is of far more interest than knowing yet another stodge of news about deaths. The organisation seems determined to keep us as miserable as possible for as long as they can.

Allan Friswell