LAST week’s mystery building was Malham Village Hall, as correctly identified by Phil Dore and George Parker.

The hall, which is used by a variety of groups and is hired out for parties and celebrations, was opened in 1965 by Malhamdale artist, the ‘greatly esteemed and talented’ Constance Pearson and geologist and historian, Dr Arthur Raistrick.

The hall - the extended and converted original village Reading Room - cost around £2,000 and had been 20 years in the making.

Rather than carry out a ceremonial ribbon cutting, or unlocking of the door, there was the unveiling of a large collage of the village, created by Mrs Pearson.

The collage measured 4ft 4ins by 3ft 4ins and included all but one of the houses as they appeared in the early 1960s.

It took pride of place in the new village hall, and remains there today, much admired by all the visitors and users of the hall.

In addition to the collage, Mrs Pearson, together with Dr Raistrick, raised £100 towards the village hall fund by writing and illustrating a History of Malham.

The village hall, from when the idea had first been suggested, had taken 20 years to complete. It involved the adaptation and extension of the village’s old Reading Room to create a concert and meeting room, with kitchen on the ground floor and upstairs recreation room. The treasurer, Mr J Geldard, told those gathered for the opening that the fund opened in October, 1944, with a donation of five shillings and seven pence, which had been the proceeds of a social held by the local drama class.

The total cost of the project was in the region of £2,000.

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