LAST week’s mystery chapel and unusually, not identified by anyone, was Malham Methodist Chapel, a short walk from the Yorkshire Dales National Park’s visitor centre.

Originally opened in 1865, the chapel was renovated in 2019. The work, which cost more than £300,000, took almost a year and was followed by an open day.

The Craven Herald reported at the time that the chapel had got down to just three worshippers some weeks, and that there was a desire to help preserve it for future generations.

While total refurbishment of the building was taking place, the regular Sunday services took place instead in the village hall.

The chapel is now accessible to all with a level access via a rear door, and the majority of the inside is also on the same level.

In a booklet produced to mark the centenary of the chapel, it is explained that it was both built and opened in1865.

It was gifted by a Mr Henry Atkinson of Hill Top, Malham.

Before the chapel was built, Methodists in the area met in a converted barn.

Duke Knowles, a yeoman, bought New Barn in 1787 and converted it into a Preaching House or Chapel ‘for the use of people called Wesleyan Methodists’.

The chapel has a glazed and framed roll of honour to those who fought and survived in the First World War.

The inscription reads: ‘Malham Wesleyan Roll of Honour For King and Country. War declared 4 August 1914, peace signed 28 June 1919. Praise God, all the above returned safely after the Great War’.

What about this week’s chapel? As a clue, it is situated between the Yorkshire Dales and the Lakes, and close to a long distance trail. Suggestions by 8am on Monday to: