HISTORIAN, writer and leader of ghost walks, Malcolm Hanson, is preparing to hit the tour trail again following the coronavirus pandemic and a serious stroke.

Before his stroke, in December, 2018, he was a full-time Skipton historian, public speaker, ghost walker and writer of books on local ‘off the wall’ history.

His books include A Skipton Anthology, Keighley’s Darkest Secrets, Bingley’s Secret History and The Valetta Ghost Walk, when he was Malta’s official ghost walker.

He also taught local history in more than 100 schools, and created heritage trails for children in Yorkshire and Lancashire - many children and their parents will remember him for his enthusiasm on all aspects of history.

He said: “After the stroke people got in touch, wishing me well, and hoping that one day I might be well enough to do ghost walks and speaking tours again.

“The ghost walks will happen. Until then, I can do my talks - however - with a difference. All the quirky Skipton history will be present but there will be an element of stand-up comedy too.”

He added the talks would also include how to cope with having a stroke.

“I want people to understand that there can be life after such a devastating illness.

“Surviving a stroke is a Herculean task, but it can be done. Apart from those who have waited to see me perform again, I want other stroke victims, and their loved ones, to come along and see what we really can do. Together we can raise funds for Airedale Hospital Stroke Ward - they really saved my life.”

Malcolm, whose performances in the past have filled venues including Cliffe Castle, Keighley, and Bradford City Hall, says he will be starting again with three talks at the Two Doors Inn, Skipton, on October 8, 15 and 22, and also at The Boathouse Bar, Skipton, with dates to be confirmed.

He said: “I want to thank all the local venues for giving me the chance to yet again make mighty oaks from little acorns. They will not be disappointed."