LIZ Roodhouse suggests that a "meat or dairy free diet" will be a random act of greenness. (Craven Herald Letters, September 16).

I would urge her to try some lamb as grown on our farm and thousands of others.

Our lamb is reared with nothing but their mothers milk and grass. We use tiny amounts of fertilizer relying instead on clover, manure and rotational grazing.

A recent carbon audit showed that our soils had a carbon content percentage in double figures.

I would gently suggest that Ms Roodhouse compares that with soils under arable farms and their use of purchased inputs.

But we are not unusual especially when we remember that ruminants are "solar powered, self replicating bio-reactors". Ruminants have been around for around 90 million years, humans for a few hundred thousand so I think Ms Roodhouse should look elsewhere for her acts of greenness.

Anthony Bradley

Long Preston