PSYCHEDELIC Rock, Sherlock Holmes, and Scottish folk are all coming to Settle Victoria Hall this month.

Holmes and Watson: The Farewell Tour, comes to Settle on Thursday, October 7. Julian Finnigan and Dominic Goodwin re-enact one of the detective’s most baffling unrecorded cases - The Case of the Prime Minister, the Floozie and the Lummock Rock Lighthouse.

It’s an affair upon whose outcome the security of Europe once hung by a thread, and shrouded in secrecy until now.

The case has finally been approved by the government for public disclosure. It is understood that Mr Holmes has been entrusted by Her Majesty with the conveyance to the Tower of London of the fabled Satsuma Stone, stolen from the crown of William of Orange in the 17th century, and only recently discovered in Europe.

One can only be thankful that Professor James Moriarty, the Napoleon of crime, fell to his death at the Reichenbach Falls. Or is he still alive, planning another deadly strike as he lurks, unseen, in the wings?

Written by Stuart Fortey, and directed by David Robertson it’s fast paced entertainment will provide many a titter, says Victoria Hall.

“This is your final chance to catch Holmes and Watson as they embark on their farewell tour. Don’t miss them. It’s elementary.”

On Friday, October 8, the hall welcomes back t he “psychedelic rock’n’roll octopus” that is Tankus the Henge.

A spokesperson said: “Tankus the Henge have built their reputation on unforgettable songwriting, spectacular live performances and relentless hard work, playing hundreds of shows across Europe.

Their funk-fuelled repertoire is wildly eclectic, ranging from New Orleans inspired swing to heavy rock riffs, and since their beginnings in the ratty alleyways of London’s Soho, the band has evolved into a wild groove machine.”

Scottish folk singer songwriter, Kris Drever, performs at the hall on Saturday, October 9.

He is a multiple award winner and his recent single Scapa Flow 1919 was nominated for Best Original Track by BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards. Drever’s voice and guitar form a part of the backbone of today’s contemporary roots and folk scene.

For details and tickets, visit:, or call the box office on 01729 825718