A CLIMATE focussed musical project culminating in concerts at Skipton Town Hall is being run by the town’s professional orchestra thanks to funding from the Tarn Moor Estate.

Skipton Building Society Camerata has commissioned composer Tim Brooks to write ‘Warriors of the Rainbow’ for children’s choir and orchestra to be performed in two concerts at the newly refurbished town hall.

The first, on Thursday, October 14, will be to an audience made up entirely of primary school pupils from the town’s Greatwood and Water Street schools, with some of the children taking part in the performance.

The environmentally-aware event will also feature excerpts from Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony.

Tim and a handful of the musicians are also running workshops in both schools before next week’s concert. ‘Warriors of the Rainbow’ uses words from a Hopi Native American prophesy.

Tim, who in addition to being a composer is also a teacher and educationalist, said:“It explores the subject of the environment and climate change from the perspective of the next generation.

“It’s our children who will be the ones to suffer most. The young voices represent this new generation pitted against the onward march of ‘progress’, chaos and problems, until the end which gives hope for the future.”

Ben Crick, the orchestra’s artistic conductor, added it was a challenging but exciting project.“We’ve delivered workshops and concerts to schools before but involving the pupils in the performance of a brand new piece - well it’s challenging but really exciting.

“There is no more relevant or important an issue than the climate emergency so, with COP26 approaching, I’m delighted we’re teaming up the schools to work on this with them.”

A public performance of the concert will take place on Saturday, October 16 in the town hall. It will also include Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony, Mendelssohn’s Hebrides Overture, and ‘The Lark Ascending’ by Vaughan Williams with solo violinist Sophie Rosa.

Tickets are available from Skipton Town Hall.