TWO pictures in last week's Craven Herald (September 30) prompted memories for me . Some recent and others much more distant .

The advertising for the new film of Everybody's Talking about Jamie reminded me of a trip to London in January 2019 to see the stage show.

I particularly wanted to see Luke Bayer playing the part of Jamie . He took part in three shows a week and I only just managed to see him before the production and cast were changed . He was brilliant by the way .

The reason I wanted to see Luke is because of my own stage performance with him.

Back in 2004 I played Mr Brownlow's housekeeper in Skipton Operatic's production of Oliver.

Luke was an amazingly great Oliver. Already, at about 11 or 12 , he was the consummate professional.

He sang beautifully and was completely convincing in his acting.

Backstage he was organised and an enthusiastic member of the team. My part called for me to join him in a reprise of a few lines of Where is Love ? He made it a very pleasurable experience .

The other memory was prompted by the 'nostalgia' photo of the tannery.

When I grew up in Embsay the tannery was on my route up West Lane to school .

It absolutely stank. From the gateway to the top of the lane I held my breath .

During our final term Mr Shillito , head teacher took the leavers' class out and about , doing a project about the village . My strongest memory of that , was the third of a pint bottle of orange juice and the nutty biscuits we were given at the end of the tour of - the tannery .

Ann Busfield