A CROSS Hills chemical firm has completed a rollout of lifesaving defibrillators – with the installation of one at its own premises.

Airedale Chemical has located a device at its Skipton Road base after providing four for surrounding villages.

Chris Chadwick, group chief executive officer, said: “We’ve been based in Cross Hills since 1994 and have been providing defibrillator equipment to our communities since 2017.

“We’ve forged some fantastic links with local residents and businesses, so it has been important that we implement strong community relations schemes – which has included the cleaning of public facilities, educational support, donations to local schools and of course our defibrillator project.

“It seemed only right that we should also provide the opportunity to save lives for our staff, visitors and immediate neighbours and we’re over the moon that our defibrillator is in place and functional – although we sincerely hope we’ll never have reason to use it.”

Receptionist, Louise Holmes, said: “It’s an empowering feeling to know we now have the tools needed to potentially save the lives of colleagues and friends.”