CHILDREN of Cracoe and Rylstone Primary school were delighted to welcome their resident Bee keeper Harry Brow (of Beespoke Beekeeping ) to school to give them a lesson all about the furry friends they keep in their school garden.

Since last July the small school in Cracoe has been home to a fantastic colony of 60 thousand Yorkshire Black bees. At Cracoe school, outdoor learning is a core element of curriculum delivery and the children from reception up to Year 6.

Glenda Cumberland the base leader at Cracoe said: “The children are already deeply committed to this project, last summer they designed their own unique hive which has been especially customised and hand painted for them and today they have been learning just how important these fascinating creatures are in the production of food we eat.

“Harry also introduced them to their local honey. They got to taste three types from their very own hive.”