A COUPLE staying on a narrow boat on the canal near Skipton said they were astounded earlier this week to be woken by people tipping rubbish into the water off Niffany Bridge.

The woman who did not want to be named said she and her husband were woken at 11.15pm when a small, dark-coloured car pulled up on the bridge which crosses the bridge at Niffany corner . A male and female got out and took two large bags out of the back of the car and tipped the contents into the water.

"The noise woke us up. I was so angry when I saw what they were doing and I banged on the window of our boat and shouted for them to stop. They got into the car and drove off in the direction of Skipton.

"The next morning we took our grappling hooks and had a fish around for what they had tipped and it looked like tiles and builder's rubble.

"I expect they had re-done their kitchen and were tipping the old tiles and rubble in the water.

"How anyone could purposely drive to a canal and do that is beyond me. It really is despicable as well as damaging to the canal and wildlife. It's not as if it can easily be cleared away and they obviously know the area and wanted to get rid of their stuff quickly.

"I didn't phone the police. I didn't think they would be able to do anything because it was too dark to see the registration number of the car and I couldn't see the two people clearly. As soon as I shouted they got back into the car and drove off."

She said she hopes the fact they were seen will be enough to put them off doing it again but is keeping her eyes open in case they return and is asking other canal users to keep a look out too.