IN response to the article (plan given go-ahead in error, Craven Herald, October 27) about the 'mistake' in planning permission at Park Mills, Skipton, which means that objectors' views were not even considered at the planning meeting; I live in the neighbouring property and am disgusted that I am now told that this mistake is too late to be rectified.

Does this mean if I get a large council tax rebate paid to me and this turns out to be wrong that I can keep the money, as it was 'just a mistake'? I think not! Surely as the rules have been flouted, there must be a mechanism for the council to rescind the permission until a proper debate is held.

I can attest that due process has not been carried out in this case. Insufficient notification was provided in the first instance, with no planning notice displayed on Toller Court- the affected area, but just on Brougham Street which will be unaffected.

Only one house was informed of the application, instead of ten. Objectors should have been invited to the council meeting to discuss the permission and they were not. The applicant was rung up to ask if they would attend, but not the objectors. This is an absolute travesty. How can we trust our officials when they so blatantly ignore their own rules, and what should we infer from their behaviour? I only knew of this outcome thanks to the Craven Herald.

On a positive note, I would like to thank Councillor Andy Brown who was timely and helpful in his response to me. Let us hope that under pressure there may be a change of heart and an improvement in service which allows local people to at least have their say.

Jay Cundell Walker