MANY of us will empathise with Brian Fisher and his experience of banking (Bank should offer a better service, October 28). I recently was denied a paper statement by Nat West Bank on the grounds that it was no longer policy to provide such details at the branch, albeit that we the public kept the bank afloat and still own 55 per cent of the capital.

Where are our politicians.Why are they not petitioning the Government to invite the banking industry to reopen branches and improve hole in the wall cash facilities? Banking is profitable and suggestion of a 'tax surcharge' on banks failing to respond to a public need would quickly stop the withdrawal of services.

Sadly the coming cashless society may lead to despotism and corruption. Presently cash still provides consumer power. When cash goes, that power will immediately lie with the banks and Government. This will result in corporate, junta or despotic control in transactions by the public.

For example; bank cards may be rendered unusable for particular transactions like buying tobacco, or unworkable with a particular supermarket (perhaps not contributing to Party funds). Whilst I have cash I can buy a cigar and choose which shop to patronise.

The well used phrase 'Turkeys voting for Christmas' looks on the cards. Is anyone else concerned?

John Pallister


Bolton by Bowland

A spokesperson for Natwest said in response: "We don’t routinely provide printed transaction lists in branch for our retail customers, but our colleagues are on hand to help show how these can be accessed quickly and easily through mobile and online banking."