SUTTON-in-Craven Community primary school has received a boost to its science department with the gift of £500 of science resources from its neighbouring Airedale Chemical of Cross Hills.

The firm continued its tradition of support for the school with the donation to help boost the school’s STEM activities and maintain its partnership with the school which began five years ago.

From skeletons to petri dishes and solar systems to microscopes, the school has been able to stock up on fun, educational tools that it’s hoped will encourage a love of science .

Deputy head teacher Jill Fletcher said: “We’re always looking for ways to stimulate the children’s interest across all subjects and make lessons more interactive. This equipment will be a real boost for our students and teachers alike.”

“With the budget challenges that schools face each year, backing from companies like Airedale Chemical can be really important.”

Airedale Chemical introduced its foundation, developed specifically to support community groups and projects, in 2017. It has since contributed to local sports team and schools, provided life-saving defibrillators and cleaned up public toilets.

Daniel Marr, group chief commercial officer of Airedale Chemical, adds: “We’ve enjoyed a partnership with the school for several years and while we haven’t been able to enjoy their visits to our labatories for a while, we wanted to ensure we continued our support. We hope that the science equipment is enjoyed by many classes to come and that one day we might see some of the budding scientists working at Airedale Chemical.”

Airedale Chemical was established in 1973 and provides chemicals and contract manufacturing to markets including agriculture, dairy, water treatment and waste management.