TIME is running out for people to contribute to an interactive exhibition taking place in Skipton which aims to show the impact of climate change.

Artist David Hawkins, a retired Anglican bishop, has been inviting people to send him images of climate change which he has incorporated into his work on show at the Craven Hub, in Caroline Square.

His aim is to stimulate interest, conversation and practical interest at the same time as the COP26 climate change conference was taking place in Glasgow.

David says he has received many images from the public, and interest has been so high, that the exhibition has been extended until Saturday.

"The public can call in and see me at work and discuss and collaborate with the project.  While national leaders make pledges and promises ‘a picture says a thousand words’," he said.

It is open on market days, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 11.30 to 4pm. Send your pictures to: david@davidhawkinsartist.com