A HOARD of 22 Roman coins found on land around the Conistone with Kilnsey area and four medieval coins found in the Buckden area have been deemed ‘treasure’ by a North Yorkshire coroner.

The Roman find was made Keith Finnan with a metal detector on May 16 this year.

An inquest was held by Alison Norton, assistant coroner for Yorkshire and North Yorkshire, at Northallerton. She said the hoard consisted of 22 Roman coins: two silver denarii of Severus Alexander dating from AD 222 to 231, and 20 silver and base metal coins of Gallienus, Postumus, Claudius 2nd, and Tetricus 1st and 2nd dated AD 258 to AD 285.

The group consists of two or more coins of less than 10 per cent silver and more than 10 base metal coins which are likely to have been deposited together or in two or more groups in the same place,

The medieval coins found in the Buckden area by metal detectorist Robert Younger on June 5 this year were deemed ‘treasure’ by North Yorkshire senior coroner Jonathan Heath.

The four silver late medieval groats of Henry VII dating from Ad 1507 to AD 1509 were in fair condition, from the mint of London and a little over 90 per cent of fine metal. The coins were found within 45cms of each other and was deemed highly likely they were associated. Both lots were regarded as treasure under the Treasure Act of 1996.