SNAP, crackle and pop! No! I am not referring to a well-known breakfast cereal but more precisely a serial featuring an entirely different subject. The subject being - as per my correspondence of previous years - that apology of a public address system at Skipton Town Hall for an important national occasion.

Concerning all in attendance at Skipton's latest Remembrance Sunday ceremony, Skipton Brass Band playing pious hymns, and above all, the general public - surely the biggest crowd swell for more than 60 years - was truly fantastic. However, all was once more overridden by the Skipton guillotine namely that spluttering, stuttering pardon the terminology, 'public address system'. Indeed, on this latest embarrassing occasion there was hardly even a snip of the 'snap and crackle' for the entire set-up soon after firing up simply went 'pop', full stop.

I have said it before and I will say it again; I have a loud hailer which I, besides all else, took around the housing estate for the 'clap the carers' occasions and which would have done a far better job.

Surely if the council can spend a king's ransom of public money on re-vamping the town hall they can spend a comparative few humble shillings on a public address system which actually audibly works? If only to avoid that now traditional Skipton embarrassment.

And, as a showfield commentator of many decades, I have the contacts for an ever-reliable, ever-audible system if need be.

Roger Ingham