CHRIS ‘Rhino Boy’ Green has successfully completed his 88th marathon - this time, inside the walls of an old prison.

The aptly named Green Mile Marathon took place at the Shepton Mallet Prison in Somerset, and is believed to be the only one in the world that takes place inside the walls of a former gaol.

Around 80 runners, many of who ran the 25 miles dressed as ‘criminals’ including everyone’s go to cannibal, Hannibal Lecter, took part in the Sussex Trail Events run on November 14.

Chris, who lives in Embsay, and runs marathons and ultra marathons in aid of the charity Save the Rhino, said:”Anybody who knows me by now also knows I’m pretty much always dreaming up new ways of fundraising and drawing attention to the plight of my favourite animal- the rhino, and if that can be done in ever increasingly fun, crazy and unusual ways then so much the better.

“So when I heard there was a marathon held entirely in an old prison I instantly knew the rhino and I had to be there.

“It’s the only marathon of its kind, the only one in the world in fact and I figured if I could run that one with my trusty rhino costume and get the rhino in and around and back out that prison it would give whole new meaning to saving the rhino.”

Those taking part started from the courtyard of the former prison, which accepted its first inmates in 1625, closed for good in 2013, and is now a popular visitor centre.

They then completed 78 gruelling laps of two of the prison’s wings, around the courtyard and up and down more than 10,000 metal stairs.

Chris completed the first 58 laps as himself, before slipping into his rhino suit for the last 20 - often finding himself stuck wedged in a narrow passageway where former inmates would have trod.

“Given all those years and all the sorry souls who have had the misfortune to reside there it’s not surprising that it’s reputedly haunted. Grunts and groans could be heard a plenty through those corridors as each an every one of us struggled round lap after lap after agonising lap.

“With 20 laps at the end it may also sound like the rhino got off easy, but nothing could be further from the truth. I lost count of all the times I found myself wedged in a narrow doorway or stuck mid prison aisle.”

Fortunately, there was plenty of help at hand from his fellow runners.

“The atmosphere was fantastic throughout and so much fun. Yes it was brutally tough going but I think we all appreciated this marathon was a one off and in between the stair induced winces there were a whole lot of smiles.

“Like the rhino itself everything about the event was unique and I for one will not forget the day I ran round a prison to Save the Rhino.”

To help Chris in his efforts to raise the plight of the rhino, visit: