As JRP Horne accurately points out in his letter (MPs should do the job they were elected for: Craven Herald Nov 18), Julian Smith earns £144,000 a year for doing about 80 hours work, on top of his MPs salary of £82000.

A quick check on Mr Smith’s voting record at Westminster reveals he has voted consistently in favour of reducing spending on welfare benefits and consistently in favour of reducing central government funding of local government. Despite these reductions in spending voted for by Mr Smith, it has still been necessary to increase National Insurance contributions and working people now have the highest tax burden since 1948.

We are governed by very wealthy people who have no idea what it’s like to struggle, and have no incentive to manage the economy to the advantage of ordinary people, or to provide decent public services.

I hope the people of Skipton and Ripon are paying attention and vote accordingly at the next election.

Doug Clark