MORRISONS is to reduce the use of soya feed at 10 of its free range egg farms as it works towards becoming the first supermarket to launch own brand carbon neutral eggs in 2022.

New Better Origin insect ‘mini farms’ will be introduced onto the UK egg farms to feed the hens, which will also receive a supplementary diet of British beans, peas and sunflower seeds.

The ‘mini farm’ containers, in which millions of insects are kept, will provide nutrient rich and natural food for the hens. The insects will be fed on waste from Morrisons own fruit and veg site in Yorkshire - creating one of the UK’s first ‘circular waste’ feeding schemes within the same company to produce food. Over 30 tonnes of fruit and veg waste will be recycled each week.

Up to 70% of the emissions from the UK’s supply chain is attributed to feed, of which soya is a major contributor.