THE Folly in Settle, the Museum of North Craven Life, is hosting a 17th century Christmas on Saturday.

The Folly, a gentleman’s townhouse built in 1679, has been decorated as it may have been when it was first lived in. Visitors will be able to find out what traditions date back to the 17th century and hear some surprising facts about how Christmas used to be celebrated.

There will be incidental music from Leeds Waits member Alan Radford, playing a selection of historical instruments, and people will be able to 'taste the 17th century' with a spicy hot chocolate mix based on ‘Chocolate, Or An Indian Drinke’ written by Antonio Colmenero in 1652.

For little visitors, there will be an opportunity to make their own pomander a spiced orange decoration dating back to Medieval times.

This event gets underway at 12.30pm and is free.