PLANS to create a canal side cafe with outdoor seating close to Main Road, Kildwick by Kidd Farms have been given the go-ahead by Craven District Council.

The cafe - a storage container clad with wood, will include picnic tables for customers. Pedestrian access will be along the towpath of the Leeds and Liverpool canal and vehicle access for staff and deliveries along the existing track to White Lion Farm.

In recommending approval of the application, the planning officer said the scheme was submitted on the basis it was a diversification of the farming business.

"(The scheme) will help to make the existing farm business viable, whilst also providing a canal side facility that will improve the recreational/tourist experience in the area and help to encourage visitors to the area, and to use the canal for recreation.’

The Canal and River Trust raised no objection to the scheme, while letters in support said it was a 'great location' 'ideal for canal users', 'safer than a cafe trailer on the towpath' and a great community facility.

The officer report concluded: "The proposal is considered to constitute a small-scale rural development that will not have an impact upon any existing town centre. It constitutes the diversification of an existing agricultural business and will improve the tourist offer of the district."