Land Rover Range Rover

The fifth generation Range Rover offers a set of unique SU-VIP attributes for those who can afford them. Jonathan Crouch takes a look.

Ten Second Review

So many cars claim to be unique but the Range Rover really is, continuing to set the standard in the super-luxury SUV sector. This MK5 model is larger and more sophisticated than its previous generation predecessor, as well as being smarter looking and higher-tech. It's also still unrivalled off road too. It's also much more economical than you might expect, thanks to mild hybrid and Plug-in hybrid engine tech. There's nothing quite like it.


This isn't just a new fifth generation Range Rover: it's the beginning of a new Land Rover era. Which is appropriate because the very first Range Rover signalled just such a thing at its launch back in 1970. Just over half a century on, this MK5 design sets the template for the brand's new electric era that'll see full-battery versions of each of its models available before the end of the decade - starting with a full-EV Range Rover in 2024.

Before that though, right now, there are mild hybrid and PHEV plug-in engine options available as part of a model line that's been completely redesigned, upgraded and updated following a five year, seven million hour testing programme. The car now sits on a completely new 'MLA-Flex' platform that's 80% aluminium; and as before, there are short and long wheelbase body styles, the latter now with a 7-seat option for the first time. Lots to talk about then.

Driving Experience

Full EVs may be in the Range Rover's future but for the time being, the line-up is very much fossil fuel-based. Three conventional six cylinder engines offer 48V mild hybrid tech. Choose between a 3.0-litre diesel with 300PS (D300) or 350PS (D350) outputs; or a 3.0-litre petrol unit with 400PS (P400). If you need more, a 4.4-litre twin turbo petrol V8 P530 model sits at the top of the line-up offering 530PS and 750Nm of torque, powering you to 62mph in just 4.6s.

There are two Plug-in hybrid options as well, both using the 3.0-litre petrol turbo unit paired with a 38.2kWh battery offering an impressive 62 mile all-electric range. Choose between a P440e model or a faster P510e version. All the engines available are paired with an 8-speed auto gearbox with 4WD, low range capability and the brand's usual 'Terrain Response 2' tech offering different drive modes for challenging surfaces.

Design and Build

From a front or profile cursory glance, you might dismiss this fifth generation design as merely a gentle evolution of what went before. That's intentional. The stylists wanted traditional Range Rover styling cues - the 'floating' roof, the clamshell bonnet, the short overhangs and the rising shoulder line - to stay intact on both short and long wheelbase versions of this design. But both are very different at the back, which gains a large gloss black panel incorporating vertical brake lights at the side and indicators in a bar across the top, all of it invisible when not in use.

It's all different inside too, the front of cabin dominated by a new 13.1-inch 'floating' 'Pivi Pro' central infotainment screen with haptic feedback that gives access to 90% of functions in a couple of presses. Thanks to a 75mm increase in the short wheelbase model's body length, rear legroom is significantly improved. For the first time, this lengthier version can offer a third row seating option. Boot capacity in the 5-seat Standard Wheelbase model is 725-litres to the window line.

Market and Model

Pricing now starts from just over £94,000 for the least expensive standard wheelbase model. There are three body style formats - 'Standard Wheelbase', 'Long Wheelbase Seven Seats' or 'Long Wheelbase'. The first two options offer three main core trim levels - 'SE', 'HSE' and 'Autobiography' and you're looking at a premium of just over £5,000 to stretch from the 'Standard' model to the lengthier seven seat one (the latter priced at launch from just under £103,000). 'Long Wheelbase'-spec without seven seats is based around the plushest 'Autobiography' level of trim, so costs from around £120,000.

Key options include Digital LED headlights, a black contrast roof, ventilated front seats, 24-way powered front seats with a massaging function, 4-Zone climate control and Land Rover's clever Activity key, which you wear like a watch, allowing you to lock or unlock the vehicle without use the ordinary key. Boardroom buyers will want to add the 11.4-inch rear seat entertainment system and there's a thumping Meridian Signature sound set-up option too. Key extra cost features are grouped together in various packs.

Cost of Ownership

This might be the most economical Range Rover line-up ever made but buying one still won't get you installed on the Greenpeace Christmas card list. Add on a few options and it could easily end up weighing over two and a half tonnes, which makes the improved 37.2mpg combined cycle fuel figure and 202g/km CO2 return boasted by the entry-level D300 diesel MHEV model all the more impressive. The P530 V8 petrol flagship variant is in quite a different league of course - think 24.0mpg and 267g/km of CO2. All variants are aided by an Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system which can decouple the front axle on-road between 21mph and 100mph to enhance efficiency, this reducing emissions by up to 4g/km.

For real frugality, you'll need to talk to your dealer about the six cylinder petrol-electric Plug-in hybrid model, which has a 38.2kWh battery which can manage up to 62 miles on each charge - real world range is more like 50 miles and the CO2 figure is under 30g/km. Rapid charging capability of up to 50kW is included, which means an 80% charge will occupy under an hour. Use a home wallbox and a full charge will take around five hours. There's a choice of full-electric mode, plus a default Hybrid setting and a 'Save' option, which defers electric charge for when you might need it later in your trip.


Drive it through a river, drive it to the opera: it's as happy either way, beautifully built, gorgeously finished and astonishingly quick. True, this car is never quite going to be all things to all people but it has perhaps moved as close to fulfilling that remit as any modern car is ever likely to get. Makes you proud to be British doesn't it.


CAR: Land Rover Range Rover

PRICES: £94,400-£137,800



CO2 EMISSIONS: 202-267g/km

PERFORMANCE: {P530} 0-62mph 6.8s / Max Speed 155mph

FUEL CONSUMPTION: {D300} (combined) 29.7mpg

BOOT CAPACITY: [litres] 725-2,601

WILL IT FIT IN YOUR GARAGE?: {LWB} Length/Width/Height 5252/2209/1870mm