RAIL operator Northern has teamed up with the Canal and River Trust to highlight some of the best canalside walks in the area.

New large-scale signage and handy maps detailing linear waterside walking routes, landmarks and attractions are now available to pick up at Skipton train station.

Nicola Christian, business and corporate engagement partner at Canal and River Trust said: “Research shows that spending time by water helps us to relax and boost our ‘feel good’ factor.

"Canals and rivers are fantastic places to get away from life stresses, enjoy connecting with nature, and spending time with friends and family. The railway network offers the perfect opportunity to explore our 200-year old canals and enjoy the wellbeing benefits of being by water.

“On a visit to a canal you may have noticed that there is inevitably a railway close to hand. Many railways followed established canal routes to avoid the expensive construction of tunnels, bridges and aqueducts or viaducts. While often regarded historically as rivals, our partnership with Northern shows the ways these engineering feats complement one another, offering a greener way to travel.”

Tony Baxter, regional Director at Northern said: “It’s so easy to access our canals and rivers by train – but not that many people know just how easy it is.

“The new maps show off some of North Yorkshire’s best beauty spots and will inspire people to get outside and walk by the waterside.

“Our vision is to make a positive impact in the north of England and we are delighted to be working with the Canal and River Trust to encourage our customers to get outside, enjoy our waterways, and ‘go do their thing’.”