SKIPTON'S 100 year old war memorial at the top of the High Street is in dire need of a proper clean, town councillors have agreed.

Councillor Darren Shaw, chair of the council's public services committee, said he was ashamed of the state of the memorial.

"It is shabby and disrespectful of all the people who died in war; I am ashamed of it and we need to do something about it," he said.

Cllr Peter Madeley agreed, and told last night's meeting that he believed some of the stone was crumbling and the lettering difficult to read.

The meeting in the town hall heard that the monument had been cleaned fairly recently with a substance used to get rid of the algae, but it did need special treatment.

The committee agreed for an application for funding to be made to the War Memorials Trust so that the structure could be professionally cleaned.

The war memorial, featuring bronze figures of Victory and a naked man breaking a sword, made by sculptor John Cassidy of Manchester was unveiled on April 8,1922.