I WOULD like to congratulate the Queen for turning the honours system, which for a long time has been an out-of-date joke, into a sick joke by bestowing on former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair the most senior form of knighthood - Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, which unlike the New Year's Honours list, which is drawn up by the Government for the Queen's approval, is a personal gift from her.

Due to Blair's 'illegal war on Iraq' he has the blood of hundreds of British military personnel killed and wounded in that country and the blood of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens killed and wounded on his hands.

I for one will never vote Labour while that 'war criminal - and friend of any tinpot dictator willing to buy him enough money to help them achieve a veneer of respectability' - is not in jail. And I will also not vote Labour while it is led by that defender of the indefensible Keir Starmer who unbelievably has backed Blair's knighthood and said the honour from the Queen was not a 'thorny issue' because he had been a very successful Prime Minister. And who when asked whether Boris Johnson should be honoured in future responded with: "No, I am sorry, I don't think this Prime Minister has earned the right to have an honour. I do think Tony Blair has. "

So, Boris, you know what to do - become a war criminal!

J Horne

Highfield Terrace