A TRUCK driver whose dashcam camera showed him rolling cigarettes, drinking alcohol and using his phone prior to hitting a car with a family of five in it, has pleaded guilty to dangerous driving.

Mason Cowgill, 27, of Mickle Hill Mews, Gargrave, admitted the offence at Skipton Magistrates' Court which occurred on the A65 at Ingleton on June 7 last year.

Prosecuting, Nadine Clough said Cowgill was seen on the camera footage, which showed the inside of his Isuzu cab, to be rolling cigarettes, drinking what looked like a small bottle of Champagne and sending phone text messages.

She said the outward looking part of the camera showed he was following a car with a family of five in and ran into the back of them.

She said Cowgill did stop his vehicle after the incident but when he set off again he covered the part of the camera facing him.

Sentencing was adjourned to Bradford Crown Court on February 2 for transfer to York Crown Court where he is due to appear for other matters including breach of a suspended sentence.

Granting him unconditional bail, magistrates told Cowgill he was 'lucky he was attending crown court and not a coroner's court because of his actions'.