WITH spring to look forward to we can enjoy our beautiful Dales landscape with increasing pleasure, says Upper Ribblesdale resident, photographer and countryside campaigner Hilary Fenten.

However, she voices her concerns over the future of ground-nesting birds who face constant battles against people. She explains: "Ground-nesting birds need to bring up their chicks on the fells and are at risk from disturbance from humans, such as those who enjoy hang-gliding.

"It would help our wildlife and new born lambs if we humans waited with some activities 'til spring is over. Our birds, such as the curlew and lapwing are finding it increasingly difficult to survive even in a national park. The national parks were created mainly to protect the environment, especially the flora and fauna. Also, of course lambs, sheep and wildlife would have a greater chance if dogs were kept on lead.

"Let us love and care for nature in our wonderful Yorkshire Dales."