FOOTPATHS and rights of way running across farmland, especially in the Dales and upland areas create a big problem for livestock farmers: (Craven Herald February 17 'Farmer sentenced after death of walker').

Many farms do not have in-bye pasture completely free of public access. Newly calved cattle need to be out in the pastures in spring and summer. The grazing season is short and for spring calving herds needs to be utilised to its best.

New calved cows are naturally protective of their calves and see walkers, especially with dogs as a threat. No one wants any fatalities, least of all the farmer, but I feel they are between a rock and a hard place.

Allow the cows out to graze and risk a possible criminal prosecution as in this instance, or keep the animals housed for most of the year which then causes a public outcry on animal welfare grounds.

J Mitton

Cold Cotes