WHILE I agree with Hilary Fenten (Craven Herald February 17, 'Concern raised over birds' future'), it must be noted that we are seeing a strong campaign to get people out into the countryside - what we are failing to do is educate.

I should also like to point out the culprits responsible for a lot of the devastation to not only ground-nesting birds, but to our small garden birds, are the corvids - crow family - and the birds of prey. I love to see the birds of prey; not so much the corvids.

We need to keep a balance; this we are failing to do. Years ago farmers left the odd dead lamb or calf for the scavengers to feed on (I hasten to add I am not advocating leaving dead animals all over the place). Now, by law, they have to be all collected up and sent to the knacker's yard.

At the risk of repeating myself, we have to educate people in the ways of the countryside. At the end of the day life is precious, be it human or animal.

J Mitton

Cold Cotes