I AM afraid J Horne has been selective with his history. (Craven Herald Letters March 24).

President Zelensky was freely elected in 2019 in the second round of voting with 73 per cent of the vote. I am also afraid that quoting a virulent right wing polemicist does his argument no favours either. It would also seem a bit rich to justify an invasion on the back of a war that ended the best part of 80 years ago. Not to mention that in addition to Russian losses in World War Two the scarcely countable millions dying at the hands of their own government.

My friend Bruce McLeod is right to call for peace. The trouble is the invader has his hands round the throat of Ukraine who let’s not forget have done nothing to justify Russian aggression. Especially the killing of women and children.

I would put myself in the boots of the Ukraine people. If someone was using armed force killing my family, neighbours and blowing up essential services I would hope I had the courage and resources to defend them.

There will be no meaningful or just peace if we reward the bully.

Anthony Bradley

Long Preston