I agree with Mr Morley and my friend Anthony Bradley (Letters, April 7) that we cannot allow bullies to invade sovereign countries, kill civilians, target civilian infrastructure, assassinate political opponents abroad, cause unimaginable suffering, and remain unsanctioned members of the global community. And I’m not talking about the US or the UK, who when going to war have done all these things.

I look forward to letters advocating that the UK sanction Saudi Arabia for its invasion of Yemen; that we stop buying their oil, kick out the new owners of Newcastle FC, boycott sporting events (F1 racing, golf tournaments), freeze Saudi assets, welcome Yemeni refugees, and stop selling the Saudis weapons and advice.

I’m all for facing up to the real world, as Mr Morley suggests, but let’s not be selective: the 150,000 Yemenis who have died since 2014 are just as worthy of our outrage as the targeted Ukrainians.

Bruce McLeod