WHAT a fantastic adventure to read about the young fellow who ventured out in the Dales on a cold February day back in the 80s; how he wrote in his diary made me feel I knew him on a personal level. (A Winter’s Trail. A diary entry by the late Tim Robinson, Craven Herald, April 19).

It was well written and well explained, and it made me think when I was a young lad maybe I should have taken on a challenge like that what he did, but I never got around to it. It filled me with regret reading his story of the couple of days he spent on his own wandering through the Dales.

I was sad to read he died at such a young age. I’m not a person who normally writes to the letters column of any newspaper but on this occasion I felt as though that young man deserved a mention.

I was working a night shift when I read the article and it really made the night go better than it usually does; that young man may be gone but he left a good impression on me. Thankyou so much for the memory.

Alan Amos


(Note: you can read the article on line at:https://www.cravenherald.co.uk/news/20077039.winters-trail-diary-entry-late-tim-robinson/