A NEW concept in outdoor eating has been produced by Ouzledale Foundry, in Barnoldswick.

The Tawi outdoor stove from ESSE, has four specialised cooking surfaces and steals carbon out of the carbon cycle. This simple and efficient woodburner runs on just a handful of dry twigs and is ready to cook almost as soon as it’s lit. .

Created in partnership with Graeme Boyd-Moss of CarbonFarmers.World, the unique design of the Tawi means it offsets its own carbon footprint. Instead of releasing clouds of woodsmoke into the air, it produces clean-burning wood gas, and biochar as a byproduct. As well as being a long-term carbon store, biochar can be used for a variety of useful purposes such as enriching your soil and eliminating household odours.

ESSE sales director Mark Blewitt said: “Since 1854, ESSE has been known for efficient cookers and stoves hand-built in the UK. Over the years, ESSE’s clean-burning stoves have been recognised with a string of British patents reflecting our commitment to the environment and high-quality product performance. The Tawi sits well within the ESSE family and we’re proud to have partnered with CarbonFarmers.World on it. This outdoor cook stove combines multiple benefits without compromise: it will suit foodies and adventurous chefs equally.

The Tawi cook stove retails from £195 and dimensions are: 37cm x 54cm x 70cm. More details at esse.com