TRADE at Skipton Auction Mart’s latest Craven Dairy Auction show and sale on Monday continued to reflect the relative positivity and demand for milk ringside.

With the milk heifers forward all sailing to over £2,000 to a solid overall average of £2,275, top price of £2,500 fell to the first prize winner and reserve champion from Miles and Oliver Stapleton, who run the Lindonmoor pedigree herd in Huby. Their Lindonmoor Barrett Dimple, fresh on April 6 and giving 28 litres, was one of two from the same farm heading home to regular West Yorkshire buyer Mark Goodall in Tong.

Rylstone show judge Will Shuttleworth had a good choice of six in-calf heifers forward, from which he chose his first prize winner and subsequent overall champion, Eaveswood Honeysuckle 75, a February, 2020-born Wilra ABS Brantley daughter due late June to sexed Walnutlawn Sidekick and consigned by Graham Donaldson, of Great Busby, near Stokesley. After strong bidding, she became one of a quartet purchased by Cowling dairy farmer Martyn Jennings.

The dozen in-calf heifers met strong trade, with plenty of buyers on hand to secure milk this summer and autumn, all selling at £1,500 and above to an average of £1,729. Jack and Alan Wilson, Green Hammerton, consigned a tidy run of six heifers due June onwards to the Aberdeen-Angus as part of their ongoing dispersal, these averaging £1,758. The next dairy show and sale is on Monday, May 23.

The same morning’s sale of dairy-bred rearing calves saw 52 head again in demand at a strong ringside. As usual, Continental youngsters produced the strongest trade, British Blue bulls topping at £440 from the Sutcliffe family in Queensbury, who also consigned the £405 top price Blue heifer. Limousin bull calves peaked at £415 from Wood Bros in Scattock, Manchester.

Black and white bulls were a particularly good trade, selling to £200 from Flasby Estates. Strong natives saw Angus bulls sell around £350 and heifers £300.