SINGER, songwriter and comedian, Mike Harding, has organised a weekend-long free music and singing event in Settle to support the ongoing appeal for Ukraine.

The well-known personality who has called the Dales his home for many years, is pulling together Settle May Fest 2022 for Ukraine. It is a packed itinerary of entertainment across the weekend of May 20 to 22.

Mike said: "After last September’s really successful Behind The Fridge Festival at the Rugby Club, it seemed sensible to have another knees-up in the summer – round about the end of May when there would be no rugby fixtures, where we could use the junior pitch for tents and the hard standing for camper vans, where the Rugby Club could benefit financially, and where musos and audiences could come together for a 'reet good doo'.

"Soon after I started organising the event, it became obvious that it would be great if we could use it to raise funds for the Ukraine. Nobody wanted the war, least of all the people of that country. I don’t need to tell you how I feel personally, having had a father killed serving in the RAF and a step-father who served in a Polish tank regiment. I know what war does to people only too well.

"We have a fair amount of money left over from last year‘s bucket collections and that will go some way towards covering the expenses of this year’s Mayfest For Ukraine – but not all the way. I’m still going to keep it a free festival but am hoping that donations, bucket collections and camping and caravan fees will help top up the funds.

The itinerary includes: The Hunch, Reg Meuross, Michelle and Bonz, Douglas and Moss, Mic and Susie Darling, Tom Reid, The Flying Toads, Atlas Bridge and many more with sessions at the Royal Oak pub. The Manchester Kletzmer Ukraine band will be performing on the Sunday.

All the information together with a break-down of acts is on the website but can be subject to change. Details of camping opportunities are also listed.

There is also an opportunity to make a donation if you wish which you can do on the web page:

Mike added: "We do have a lot of expenses - portaloos, payments to the club, artists fees, so, as the nun said when she piddled in the Atlantic - Every little helps!"